Strength Testing + Indicator LED + Pebble Support + Open API

Some fun stuff to share with you!

We've been strength testing our 2nd prototype, and we're happy to announce that the new prototype has a load rating of 20 kg (44 pounds). That's double the strength of a traditional jump rope! Here's a video with all LEDs powered on, with one of our teammates doing some double unders:

#{project_title}'s video poster

We're also beginning to fine-tune the indicator LED light, which will provide an easy status indicator for Smart Rope. The indicator will be visible through the transparent power symbol at the base of the handle. LEDs will indicate:

+ Power on: WHITE

+ Bluetooth pairing: BLUE

+ Low battery: RED

+ Battery charging (with charger plugged in): RED

+ Battery fully charged: GREEN

Here are the LEDs cycling on a prototype handle:

#{project_title}'s video poster

Great news for Pebble fans - we'll be supporting you with a Smart Watch app for Pebble Watch. We are currently in development and anticipate completion a month after our iOS app is complete, so October / November. 

+ Runs on Pebble Classic, Pebble Time, Pebble Steel

+ Displays Smart Rope jump count, time elapsed, calories burned as well as the last week's jump data and easy start / stop function

Here's a very early mockup:

Hacker friends, we plan to keep the Smart Gym API open and support as many different devices and ecosystems as possible. Of course, the hardware needs to be complete before we can provide the API, so stay tuned. Lots more developments to come! Be sure to direct your friends to as well to pre-order. Thanks.