Smart Rope Development Progress

Another live demo of Smart Rope! It's always a challenge to capture 'clean' video of the LEDs, since they're firing at thousands of times per minute. As you can see here, the numbers are always clear for the person jumping, since you're standing right in the middle of the action.

Prototype 1.0

The first functional prototype of Smart Rope is the one you've seen here on Kickstarter. Essentially it's the same prototype that's been reviewed in Gizmodo and other major publications, and the same version we unveiled to the public at Mobile World Congress. Some of the key project milestones:

+ The handles feel great in hand, and the ball bearings and superior product design result in an extremely smooth, natural motion.

+ The LEDs fire and display properly, accurately tracking each complete jump. Visibility is clear, even in brightly lit rooms.

+ Smart Rope performs well over extended use on a variety of hard surfaces.

+ Smart Rope accurately communicates jump count via Bluetooth with the earliest version of the Smart Gym mobile platform. UX design is largely complete.

Prototype 2.0

Since Day 1, we've been working to further optimize design and construction, taking into account feedback from our backers, testers, vendors, and the press. We're very excited that the next round of prototypes is complete, and we'll be receiving them over the next week! 

+ We're working on a variety of different treatments around the 'impact' zone, where the LEDs are housed and where the rope makes the most contact with hard surfaces. This includes material updates, structural improvements, and the embedding technology we deploy to integrate the flexible printed circuit board into the rope. 

+ First-time users of Smart Rope have no problem finding the right angle for optimal LED display, but we're working on making this foolproof and easier to use. Handle direction and the calibration of magnetic sensors will aid us in this process.

+ A variety of icons and emojis have been tested on the LED display and look great. Now we'll work to integrate these visuals in ways that aid your workout and communicate relevant fitness data as you jump.

+ The Smart Gym mobile app now has iCloud integration - getting ready for full integration with Apple Watch, which we've been developing since the SDK release last November. 

The entire Tangram team is working hard to continuously improve Smart Rope. We have about five months left before we begin final production, and every day counts! Thank you so much for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our progress.