The Evolution of a Classic

Jumping rope is the most effective, efficient cardio around.
Workout smarter with the SmartRope.
SmartRope syncs to your smartphone and manages your exercise data.

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More efficient weight loss, anytime, anywhere!
Enjoy a new and smarter fitness experience.

Smarter Workout

SmartRope app automatically records and analyzes your workout data. Set goals, personalize your training sessions and compete with friends.

SmartRope App

Sync to SmartRope app for access to diverse functions and information, such as basic count, interval training, workout history and global leaderboard.

Supports Apple Health and Google Fitness.
Basic Count
Jumping rope while connected to the app will automatically start counting at any time.
Leader Board
Check your daily / weekly / overall rankings among SmartRope users around the world.
Compete with friends who use SmartRope. Invite your friends to work out together.
Workout Joyfully with SmartRope
Ergonically Designed in Different Color and Materials
Rookie is lighter, easier, and more fun.
And supports cardio workout.
LED is a jump rope that displays workout
data in the air with a led light.
PURE is a faster, stronger, smarter
A light in the handle indicates the status.
Design Awards
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What people are saying about SmartRope
It's fun and good Arnold reviews SmartRope for..
Certain to catch your eye
It works well.. In fact, you can easily zone out watching the count.. Makes it easy to set goals
This wearable technology is something you can physically use to improve your fitness.. Take your jump rope workout to a whole new level
One of the best Kictstarter inventions of the month
SmartRope delivered.. the mid-air display felt like magic.. it actually helped me stay focused.. you can't cheat either